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Color Pencils

Field and Topics


  • Color Vision

    • Color physiology, color appearance, color deficiency, elderly vision, visual comfort.

  • Color Psychology

    • Color perception, color emotion and preference, color aesthetic, color experience, synesthesia.

  • Color Communication

    • Color naming, color order system, standardization, marketing.

  • Color in Art and Design

    • Color in graphics, products, fashion, textiles, textures, cosmetics, packaging and food design; universal color design; CMF design

    • Color in interior, architecture, landscape and urban design; color in visual arts and visual medium.

  • Color Education

    • Pedagogy of color, aesthetic education, artistic education, color certification.

  • Color Culture

    • Aesthetics, history, philosophy, semantics, heritage, color naming, cultural difference.

  • Color Therapy

    • Health and well-being, color applications in the pandemic period.

  • Color Technology and Application

    • Color physics, colorimetry, color measurement and quality control, color imaging, color correction for camera, display, printer, textile, plastic and special materials, color management for still and moving images.

  • Color and Lighting

    • Lighting technology, lighting design, human factors in lighting.

  • Color Rendering and Visualization

    • Color rendering in computer graphics and data visualization.

  • Color for Future

    • 3D color imaging, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), computational photography; measurement, simulation and reproduction of visual appearance; HDR imaging, multispectral imaging, color in computer vision, color application in new fields.

  • Special Topic: Color in Reality and Metaverse

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