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Mengtsung Tai*

Department of Graphic Communication Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts, New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

*Corresponding author: Mengtsiung Tai,

Keywords: Printing color quality, ISO 15339, Color management, Color measurement and application

Poster presentation video:

ISO 15339 specification is a method to join international world for markets, and a tool to achieve qualities for industries. Additionally, it is crucial whether Taiwan printing industries can undertake international branding orders. This study was to analyze various paper through lithography implemented the color difference of ISO standard, and to evaluate hue, value, and saturation for the impact conditions to print color quality. The study adopted Quasi-Experiment method and the lithographic printing process applied two types of paper, coated and uncoated paper. Totally, 31104 different CMYK combination patches plus 124416 color information were developed. Moreover, ISO 15339 showed the printing results under the conditions of CRPC6 and CRPC3. The D50 standard illuminance was used and the M1 standard to color measurement was applied. Finally, the printed patches were randomly selected and measured with eXact handheld spectrophotometer to acquire CIELAB color values. The results showed the average of color difference CIEDE2000 on CRPC6 (coated paper) was 1.89, and the average of color difference CIEDE2000 on CRPC3 (uncoated paper) was 3.61. In short, the overall printing color quality was excellent. There was various paper implemented ISO standard in color performance from lithography printing, and the printing color quality with coated paper achieved ISO 15339 quality Level A (the best quality), and the uncoated paper was about Level C, which was considered as OK. This research proved that Taiwan domestic printing techniques, paper and ink quality were all corresponded to international requirements. The final was to analyze lightness, saturation, and hue (LCh°) to color qualities of those print color swatches. The printing color swatches with coated paper met the standard of ISO15339 CRPC6, and was slightly unstable with color value L. The printing color swatches with uncoated paper also met ISO 15339 CRPC3, however, both chroma C and hue angle h° of color information needed to pay more attention. This research provided useful references for designing, printing, packaging industries and so on. Furthermore, it was proved that to implement printing color management to assist printing was effective.

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