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Cheng-Jung Lin¹, Mengtsung Tai1*., Jia-Shan Wu¹

¹ Dept. of Graphic Communication Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts, New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

*Corresponding author: Mengtsung Tai,

Keywords: ISO 15339, color and density of wet-to-dry Ink, Color measurement and application, Color management

Poster presentation video:

Due to branding customers’ requirements, ISO, International Standard for Organizations, is a specification for printing industries to achieve printing quality that it is an irreversible trend. This research adopted coated and uncoated paper with ISO 15339 standard and analyzed the variation of saturation and density for wet-to-dry ink with paper from the domestic of printing material with ISO 2846 ink specification, and additionally the final influence of color accuracy from hue, value, and chroma. The variation and the characterization of wet-to-dry ink color and density adopted the formal lithography with the same ink and paper, the process sequentially used ink qualifier, ink proofer and handheld spectrophotometer to detect the density variation with wet and dry ink from the different ink film amounts, which correspond the dry ink saturation to match ISO 12647 standard. This research also showed the coated paper was less ink absorbency, under ISO 15339 CRPC6 standard, the process color ink CMYK must more notice the variation of wet-to-dry to black ink. However, the variation of CMY is not significant, when putting ink to control printing and adjustment. On the other hand, the uncoated paper absorbed more ink than that of coated paper, under ISO 15339 CRPC3 standard, the variation of wet-to dry process inks of CMYK is significantly different. Among them, the black ink was dramatically changed which influence on the final printing tone performance which could cause serious print quality obstacles. Regarding to the colorimetric analysis of Lightness (L*), Chroma (C*), and Hue angle (h°) of CMYK inks on coated and uncoated paper, the study showed that the LCh° of coated paper based on ISO 15339 CRPC6 specification were only slightly varied. However, the LCh° of uncoated paper based on ISO 15339 CRPC3 standard revealed a significant wet-to-dry colorimetric difference in terms of color quality issue. The CMYK inks on uncoated paper presented a lightness L raise a value of 8, a slight variation of chroma C, and a sever difference of hue angle h° of 26 degrees. With the study of wet-to-dry ink can completely imitate specific ink, paper and printing integration, also the final printing color performance. The difference of chroma and density was through wet-to-dry ink, which can immediately apply in printing process to control chroma and density of wet ink for predicting the final printing color. For checking color performance that finished to print.

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