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Mei-Chun Lo¹*, Jin-Ling Lin1 and Yi-Chin Chen¹

¹ Department of Information Management, Shin Hsin University, Taipei, Taiwan

*Corresponding author: Mei-Chun Lo,

Keywords: Computer vision, Subject targeted, Object detection and identification, Color Rendering Index, Color Quality Scale

Poster presentation video:

In the stage of different venues, such as speech, product launch, large conference or other large multiplayer, it is practically needed to have the mutual cooperation of lighting, cameras and audio-visual equipment to create a perfect event success. Additionally, to stimulate or strengthen both emotional resonance and visual perception of the audience in the scene, the color light illuminated on the stage should be intelligently adjusted or changed, according to different situations of the stage or speech-field or exhibition-venue be considered.

In this study, an application system, using "intelligent multi-camera tracking and monitoring with adjustable illuminated spot-light", was designed to find the "focal protagonist", using cameras considered, in complex scenes. The derived algorithm could carry out 1) to detect individual characters moving in the field; 2) to find the main hot-spot protagonist; and then, 3) to apply focus-light to follow the hot-spot protagonist in question. Simultaneously, the color, produced with the ambient lighting-source, having optimized color temperature, would be predicted. Moreover, according to inherent- or dominant-colors’ appearance of the hot-spot protagonist’s wears or dresses-up, the illuminated color would be intelligently adjusted and projected on the detected focus-character, With the practical value in the scene concerned, the so-called "on-the spot intelligent tracking of target character" was pleasingly and acceptably enhanced.

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