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Yu-Hsiang,Chiu¹and Tsuei Ju Hsieh²*

¹ Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan. ² National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

*Corresponding author: Tsuei Ju Hsieh,

Keywords: packaging, color-font combination, perceptual fluency, consumer evaluation

Poster presentation video:

Packaging has been compared to a silent salesman. Utilizing packaging design to influence consumer perception and behavior has been one of the essential topics in marketing research. Applying appropriate visual elements in packaging design is not just for better identification of brands but also for communicating product characteristics. To investigate the influence of visual-elements-induced perceptual fluency and thus affects consumers’ evaluation of the product, this study examines two common factors in packaging design: color and font. Based on related studies and standard practices of packaging design, we designed four conditions of packaging appearance varied in two levels in color and font: pink and blue, Serif and San-serif fonts. Four color-font combinations were designed to be four versions of the packaging design and printed with a UV printer, photographed in a studio, and then post-produced as commercial ads for a fictional skincare product. In the experiment, 120 participants divided into two groups were separately introduced to two different purchasing scenarios and shown the four commercial ads. The two scenarios described the purchase motivation and product features distinctively, one in a function-orientated way and another in a sensory-social- orientated way. A questionnaire on a 5-point Likert scale was used to assess participants' judgments on the perceptual fluency(congruency) between color-font design and product property, as well as their intents of trying, buying, and recommending the product. The T-test analysis result has shown that the combination of blue-San serif has resulted in significantly higher ratings in the metrics of perceptual fluency and product evaluation in the function-oriented shopping scenario. The pink-Serif combination received relatively higher ratings in the social-sensory-orientated shopping scenario. Linear regression analysis indicated a very evident correlation between metrics of perceptual fluency and product evaluation. Generally, we verified that the specific color-font design affects perceptual fluency. The higher the perceptual fluency delivered by the packaging design, the better the consumer evaluation of the product.

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